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Communication Tips from Expert Mediators Zakiya J. Norton and Somita Basu

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Family Law


Whether at work, home or with friends, communicating our thoughts and feelings effectively may be the key to happiness. Here are a few ideas for improving your style and achieving results.

Know Your Audience
You’ve probably heard the expression, “read the room”, which reminds us to consider the listener when conveying our point of view. Carefully considering the listener’s perspective may allow you craft to your message in a way that the listener will receive and process easily, thereby resolving conflict faster.

Focus and Formulate Your Goals in Advance
Making a list that prioritizes your points is a good way to narrow the focus of the conversation. Identify the crux of what matters most and how to state it concisely.

Take Responsibility
If your audience fails to understand you, the fault may lie with you. Be willing to find alternate ways to state your position. It has been said that good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. Seek to clarify your thoughts in innovative ways.

Consider a Professional
If you find yourself at an impasse, consider a mediator to help navigate and negotiate the discussion. It may save valuable time and money, especially when legal or family matters are involved. Learn more here: