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The Advantages Of Working With Us

At Norton Basu LLP, we know the subject of estate planning can be intimidating. Because we understand the value of careful planning, we always make sure you understand each part of the process. We want you to reap the benefits of creating a customized plan that works for you.

We aren’t the typical law firm. Here are five qualities that set us apart.

  1. Once you’re our client, we remain available to you whenever you have a question. We offer unlimited support via telephone, email, Zoom or in person. Ask us a question at any time.
  2. We reach out to you every year with legal updates that may affect you and your estate plan. Estate plans are living, breathing documents and we always encourage you to revisit your plan and reach out to us if you think a change is required.
  3. We help you fund your trust, including changing the title to your properties. As your assets change and you buy or sell properties or open or close bank and investment accounts, you can always contact us to make sure your assets are properly titled.
  4. Our estate planning process is streamlined so that you don’t have to struggle with cumbersome paper forms and detailed instructions are always provided every step of the way.
  5. For us, there are no silly questions. Whether you are well-versed in all things estate planning or whether this is your first time talking about wills and trusts. We will meet you where you are.

Because we are dedicated estate planning attorneys, not attorneys who dabble in wills and trusts, we provide specialized expertise and offer service at a much deeper higher level.

What Happens At My Initial Consultation?

Unlike many attorneys, we don’t ask you to fill out a lengthy, impersonal questionnaire before we meet with you. Our initial consultation is to discuss what your needs are, what you wish to accomplish, and how we work to help you accomplish your goals. Expect to meet for 30 minutes.

What Happens After Our First Meeting?

If you are ready to move forward, we will send you a fee agreement, an intake form, and options for payment. Everything is online, making it easy to get started and complete most of the process from the comfort of your home.

Get Your Free 30-Minute Initial Consultation

Call 408-520-1712 to set up a time and method of meeting. We can meet on Zoom or over the phone. You can also book a consultation via our website’s email. Real People. Real World Advice. Real Results.