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Masterful Mediation for Everyone

What is Mediation?

Striked Out Conflict Mediation

Mediation is a facilitative process wherein a neutral, trained professional assists with proper identification of pertinent issues, expression of desired goals, and negotiation of mutually beneficial agreements. Known as an effective and affordable alternative to protracted court appearances, expensive litigation, and unsatisfactory judgements, mediation is a popular method of conflict resolution.

How Does It Work?

At Norton Basu, we take a pragmatic, results-driven approach to mediation which is informed by many years of experience in various areas of law.

We evaluate key facts and anticipate the ramifications of various arrangements, allowing participants to analyze real-world consequences and formulate intelligent strategies which best serve their interests.

Compassion + Communication + Collaboration

By focusing on a compassionate evaluation of the matters at hand, while implementing techniques which have been proven to increase constructive communication and foster empathy between disputants, we lead all parties toward the most optimal outcome.

Areas of Expertise

Probate or Trust Administration Disputes

Family Law (Divorce) Issues

Real Estate Matters

Landlord/Tenant Disputes