What Can A Revocable Living Trust Do For Me?

A Revocable Living Trust Eliminates a Conservatorship

If you become incapacitated or are unable to manage your estate, your living trust avoids the need for a court appointed conservatorship.  The successor trustee you’ve named in your trust will step in and manage your affairs without court involvement.

A Revocable Living Trust Avoids Probate

Although there will be the need to perform a trust administration after your death, the assets in your Living Trust avoid the delay and cost associated with the probate process.

A Revocable Living Trust Provides Privacy

Because a Living Trust avoids probate, it provides privacy.  Probate is a public process.  Anyone can find out how much you had, to whom you left your assets, and other personal information about you.  They do not even need a good reason.  They could be neighbors or relatives or worse yet, they could be scam artists.

A Revocable Living Trust Allows You to Restrict How Your Estate is Managed and Spent After Your Death

It can provide for the care, support and education of your children by turning over trust assets to them at an age chosen by you.  You can even provide that your children should start receiving income from your Living Trust at 18 but that they receive the principal in graduated stages.  For example: one-third of the principal at 21, one-third at 25 and one-third at 30.

A Revocable Living Trust Can Protect Children From Their Creditors and Ex-Spouses

A Living Trust can leave your assets to your children in a manner that will reduce the ability of their creditors or ex-spouses to take your children’s inheritance from them.

A Revocable Living Trust Can Protect Children From Earlier Marriages

Both the surviving spouse and the children from a previous marriage can receive fair treatment and protection under the terms of your Living Trust.

A Revocable Living Trust Can Ensure That Your Wishes Are Carried Out and Are Not Subject to Attack

Most well drafted Living Trusts contain a “No Contest Clause” which in most cases prevents greedy beneficiaries and their lawyers from successfully contesting your estate plan.

A Revocable Living Trust Gives You Peace of Mind

When your Living Trust is completed and fully funded, you and your family can relax knowing that your estate will be managed and distributed by someone you have selected and trust.

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