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Can’t Sign Your Estate Plan At Our Office? Top 3 Tips For Doing It Right

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Estate Planning

While we generally prefer that you execute your estate planning documents with us (see the top four reasons why, below), we understand that this isn’t always possible due to health concerns, inability to travel, or because it would pose an undue inconvenience. To ensure it is done correctly, follow our top three tips.

Why It Is Better To Sign Documents With Us:

  1. We can guide you through the relevant pages and answer any questions.
  2. It is less likely that you will forget to sign something crucial.
  3. We provide real-time instructions which confirm that documents are executed properly.
  4. You don’t have to worry about losing or damaging any pages or accidentally getting them out of order.
  5. We provide an experienced notary and witnesses.

Top 3 Tips For Doing It Right On Your Own:

  1. Check your ID. You may not have thought about it recently, so make sure your Driver’s License, Senior ID, or Passport is current and has not expired. This type of identification will be required by the notary and failure to provide it may thwart your ability to execute the documents.
  2. Arrange for a disinterested witness. There are some documents, such as the Will, which are not notarized. Instead, they require two disinterested witnesses. The notary may be one of the witnesses. A “disinterested” party is an individual who is not named in your estate plan and does not stand to gain any beneficial interest at your death. A friend, neighbor or co-worker may be a good choice for this role.
  3. Engage a Notary Public. The notary you may have previously used at your bank or local shipping office such as FedEx or Postal Annex may not be available or may decline to notarize certain documents. Make these arrangements in advance to ensure the signing takes place without a hitch.

Whichever way you sign it, you can still celebrate! Congratulate yourself for completing this vital task and setting your loved ones up for a smooth financial transition in the event of your death.