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No Nickel and Diming: The Advantage of Estate Planning with Norton Basu

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Estate Planning

The Advantage of Estate Planning with Norton Basu

We all like surprises, right? Well, we all like GOOD surprises.

One of the worst surprises is finding out that the service you thought you paid for actually requires you to cough up again. It’s nickel and diming and it drives everyone crazy.  You end up feeling like you’ve been cheated or hoodwinked (that’s a throwback word if I ever I heard one).

When we started our estate planning firm, Norton Basu LLP, one of the first things we did was institute a no nickel and diming policy. This policy is still going strong at our Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas offices. It means that the price we quote for your estate plan is the price you pay, there are no surprise fees.

You can customize your estate plan to meet your unique needs and goals. You can meet with us in person, send emails or even pick up the phone and chat with us, all without having to worry about what additional costs you might be accruing.

Also, things that our clients simply expect, such as Skype meetings, PDF fillable forms, free parking, and the warm embrace of technology come with every estate plan we create. If you like to work the old-fashioned way, that’s okay too. Our fax machine still works!

What’s more, all funding of your revocable living trust is included in the price of your estate plan. That’s right, we generate the forms to transfer the title/deed of your house to your trust, change the title on your investment accounts and even that timeshare in Hawaii you swore you weren’t going to buy.

We understand that starting the estate planning process can be daunting, but we believe in you! We also believe that our no nickel and diming approach helps our clients to relax and reduces their worries about additional costs and annoying surprises.  No nickel and diming helps our clients do what they want to do – plan for their future, protect their loved ones, and leave a legacy – hassle free.